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What Clients Want - 2023. Sponsored by Moneypenny.

Now in its fourth year, our comprehensive 'What Clients Want' research continues to illuminate the UK legal sector. Each year, we delve into the minds of over 600 potential clients of legal services, amassing a rich collection of insights to understand their wants, needs and expectations.

By inviting clients and would be clients to voice their wants, needs, expectations and views, we are providing law firms with the intelligence to help them understand so much, not just how to meet client expectations, but also how to create opportunities for growth and innovation.

Our view at the LFMC is clear. Let's ask. Let's listen. Let's act.

This research isn't about uprooting established systems, but about adapting and learning. It's about empowering law firms to align themselves with clients' evolving needs, leading to business growth and increased revenue.

By listening and acting on the clients’ voice, you’re not just adhering to their wishes, but shaping your business, tailoring services and crafting a future that resonates with them.
This research is your roadmap to growth and increased profitability.
By aligning with your clients' desires, you'll win more business, get more referrals and outshine competitors.

In 2023 we have explored a few new aspects, as well as the ‘usual’ areas. New aspects include: the onboarding process and, where a client has used a law firm more than once, whether they used the same law firm or not (and if not, why not). We have also secured a larger proportion of ‘business only’ respondents (28%).

As always, I provide my interpretation of the findings and propose actionable steps for law firms.

Once again, we would like to thank Moneypenny for sponsoring this research and making it possible for such a detailed, thorough, and comprehensive piece of research to be undertaken and shared with the legal community.

Get the full report - £450+VAT

A comprehensive report is also available that provides detailed data and breakdowns plus insights and interpretations from Clare, inc. suggestions of things that firms should consider doing based on the findings.

The full report will be provided to all LFMC members as part of their membership.

If you are not a member of the LFMC you can purchase a copy of the full report for £450 plus VAT.

Contact for more information.

Sponsored by Moneypenny

Thank you to Moneypenny for sponsoring the research and making it possible for the research to be as detailed, thorough, and comprehensive as it is.

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