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Getting Better Results from LinkedIn – Get Inspired and Get the Know How

October 2021

In this session Richard focused on how LinkedIn works – the algorithm that affects the reach of your posts and inspired us to use this platform in ways that will really start to deliver.

Richard van der Blom

Resilience and the Importance of Mental Health

October 2021

In this session we move away from a key marketing topic to take a step back and focus on our mental health, wellbeing and resilience. To perform we all need to start by looking after ourselves and those around us.

Nick Bailey

LFMC Partners Breakfast - Networking

October 2021

Lara shared her top tips in effective networking.

Lara Squires

What do Managing Partners Want, Need and Expect from Marketing?

September 2021

Join Ed Whittington from Moore Barlow, Matthew Fretten from Frettens and Helen Spencer from WR Partners to understand their challenges, opportunities and focus.

Ed Whittington, Helen Spencer, Matthew Fretten

Podcasts: Why & how professional services firms can use podcasts

September 2021

Podcasts are growing in popularity and present a great opportunity for professional services firms to engage with their clients, referrers and wider community. It’s also a great platform to share content. And it’s not as hard as you may think!

Liz Drury

Effective Internal Communications

July 2021

All companies communicate with their employees - but does everyone get it right? ​

Alice Colarusso, ITV

Technology and Innovation

June 2021

When it comes to technology and the future of legal services, Christina is not only a lifelong innovator but also sits at the heart of government policy and lectures on innovation strategy.

Christina Blacklaws, Blacklaws consulting

Getting Partner Buy-in and Internal Engagement

June 2021

Making your idea a reality: How to take that idea to improve the business and construct the case such that everyone buys in to make it happen

Richard Gigg

Online reviews

June 2021

Online reviews are important to businesses of all types as we increasingly look online for 'endorsements' from people before we choose suppliers.

Saleem Arif, ReviewSolicitors

Pain Free Profit: Practical Ways to Get Better Fees

May 2021

Getting pricing, cross selling and referrals right has always been crucial. But in the post Covid world it’s even more relevant. In this session Alex Barr looks at how you can build better profit at an individual, team and firm wide level and what will work differently post Coronavirus.

Alex Barr, Third Bounce

LinkedIn Advanced

May 2021

You will have a network, you know how to post, but maybe you do neither well or at scale.

David Gilroy & Sahra Marie Tulloch, Conscious Solutions

LinkedIn for Beginners

April 2021

In this session David Gilroy and Sahra Marie Tulloch from Conscious Solutions help us get to grips with LinkedIn.

David Gilroy & Sahra Marie Tulloch, Conscious Solutions

Media Engagement –How to improve both the quality and quantity of your media coverage

April 2021

Learn the simple (and very often overlooked) things that you need to consider when engaging with the media.

Vaughan Andrewartha, Chilli communications

How to get the most from your networking – virtually

April 2021

This event will help anyone already networking or who knows they should be but is unsure where to start. In this highly engaging webinar, Lara Squires shares many snippets about how to make the most of networking and talks about some of the differences when networking virtually.

Lara Squires, Consortium

How the Perfect Legal Business can do Perfect Marketing

March 2021

In this webinar Clare Fanner talks to Simon McCrum, author of The Perfect Legal Business. Simon shares insights, tips and pointers from his many years of running a law firm.

Simon McCrum

Get Better Results from your Marketing by joining up Marketing with Operations

March 2021

We spend a lot of time and money creating leads or opportunities via our marketing and BD but are we doing everything we can and should to ensure that we don't drop the ball once the opportunity is created?

Vidisha Joshi

Emotional Intelligence & Client Experience

February 2021

In this 'chat' with Sandra Thompson, Clare Fanner asks Sandra about the role of emotional intelligence in client experience within professional services, why it matters, how it can help firms bottom line as well as staff and clients generally and much much more.

Sandra Thompson, EI Evolution

Building Relationships in a Digital World (Not Tinder)

February 2021

Whether it’s email, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram we all have ‘relationships’ in the digital world.

David Gilroy, Conscious Solutions

KEYNOTE: Penny Power: Staying Relevant in a Changing World

February 2021

Prepare to be inspired, energised and uplifted in this, the first of our keynote speaker series in 2021.

Penny Power OBE

Data Protection in 2021: What Professional Services Marketing Teams Need to Know and Do

January 2021

During the session we revisit key obligations under data protection law and the impact of Brexit on the legislation.

Gill Crennell, Teal Compliance

Live Chat: How does it work? How is it helping firms?

January 2021

In this informative session, Bernadette Bennett & Jess Leighton from Moneypenny do a deep dive into live chat, what it is and how it is helping law firms across the UK.

Bernadette Bennett, Moneypenny

Law Firm Marketing Benchmarking Survey 2020

December 2020

In this webinar we share the findings from the Law Firm Marketing Benchmarking Survey undertaken in October and November 2020.

What Law Firm Clients Really Want, Expect and Receive -The Results are In

December 2020

Find out exactly what law firm clients want, need and expect. Clare Fanner discusses the research findings with guests Sandra Thompson and Amy Hartshorn.

Clare Fanner, Find Get Grow

Legal Directories: Making a Good Submission

November 2020

Receiving recognition in the legal directories is important to many law firms, especially those who utilise the directories to generate new clients and referrals and for recruitment purposes.

Clare Fanner, Find Get Grow