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Networking for Lawyers (and tips for introverts!)

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BD Planning and Management with Alex Barr

This episode was created from a recent LFMC webinar in which trusted partner Alex Barr talks about how law firms can best approach their business development and planning in 2024.

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The Power of First Impressions in Client Relationships

In this engaging podcast episode, we delve into the world of client relationships with two experienced professionals, Clare Yates, interviewed by Clare Fanner. Join their candid conversation about the pivotal role of first impressions in the legal and estate agency industries.

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Jackie Carter - A Force For Good

In this podcast, Clare engages in a conversation with Jackie Carter, delving into the intricacies of her non-linear career trajectory, ultimately culminating in her current professional role as Head of Operations & Strategy, Litigation.

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Storytelling and video content for lawyers

In this episode, LFMC Community Manager Sophia and Haydn Wakeling discuss video content for law firms and the importance of storytelling.

Haydn helps law firms to connect with audiences and expresses law firms/brands as a personality, as a story, as a mission or as a high-quality service. With video, this can be an emotional or straightforward message that allows the audience to connect with.

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Marketing at Rollits with Pat Coyle

Listen for insights on how Rollits approaches marketing in 2024.

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Practical Podcasts: Why, How, and Top Tips

In this podcast, host Clare Fanner, Ben from Awesome Panda productions and Sophia from the LFMC discuss all things podcasts from creation to promotion.

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The importance of online marketing, stuff and things

In this podcast Clare talks to David Gilroy, who is the Managing Director of Stuff & Things at Conscious Solutions, about marketing for law firms covering social media, video marketing, AI and specifically what Conscious Solutions do.

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CRM Challenges and Solutions with Simon McNidder

In this episode Sophia and guest Simon McNidder, embark on a comprehensive discussion surrounding law firm CRM. They dissect the common hurdles encountered in implementing CRM systems within law firms, brainstorm innovative methods to enhance organisational buy-in, and delve into strategies for optimising CRM usage to its fullest potential.

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The Many Hats of the Law firm Marketer

In a recent podcast featuring Maddie from Conscious Solutions, the multifaceted nature of law firm marketing roles comes to the forefront, offering valuable insights and parallels for professionals in the legal marketing sphere.

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Matt Fretten - Moving with the times

In this podcast Clare talks to Matt Fretten about the family business and how the impact marketing has had on the firm’s journey.

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Marketing in a modern law firm permeates all parts of the business Part 2

In the second part of this podcast, Clare continues her discussion with Lewis Barr who is the Marketing & Commercial Director at Frettens solicitors. They discuss getting partner buy in, the importance of digital and the blend with traditional marketing and how marketing permeates other bits of the business.

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