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What Clients Want - 2021 Research ...

Customer needs change over time. This can be the result of many factors – such as changes in personal circumstances, technology developments or changes in people's knowledge and priorities. Significantly, needs are predominantly driven by external factors, and by experiences.


Over the past two years, life has changed significantly. The Covid pandemic has changed the rules. Technology is playing a greater part in all our lives, service delivery has ‘changed’ and expectations have most certainly shifted.

Professional services firms have had to adapt and change

how they operate. And now businesses of all types are grappling with the aftermath of the pandemic. In what ways have clients wants, needs and expectations changed as far as legal services are concerned?

What you will learn from this research

  • What is important to clients when choosing a law firm

  • What you can do to make it easier for clients when selecting a law firm/lawyer

  • Which characteristics are important to clients when choosing a law firm

  • What clients are looking for online

  • What clients want, need and expect from law firms

  • What clients feel when dealing with a law firm


How this research will help you

If you take on board the research findings and recommendations, you will be more in-tune with your clients which should result in more business, more referrals, happier clients and a more profitable law firm with a strong people focused culture.

Get the full report and access to the dashboard - £175+VAT

A full report which includes a more detailed breakdown, analysis and insights with commentary on implications and considerations for law firms is available to purchase.

The full report includes:

  • a detailed breakdown of the participants and their demographics;

  • detailed analysis for each question, including graphs and breakdown of responses by age range and client type

  • commentary from Clare Fanner on what the results imply and actions law firms could take based on the findings

  • purchasing the full report also provides you with access to an interactive dashboard enabling you to interrogate the data, e.g. by age range, region, experience of using a law firm etc. You can also apply multi filters e.g. business clients in the south west that are aged between 30 and 60 and have conducted a matter in the last 12 months.

    Contact for more information.


We are delighted to be working with MyCustomerLens to provide the interactive dashboard.


Moneypenny have kindly sponsored the report.

Get in touch to find out about our clients listening and benchmarking package.

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