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Welcome to our events page.  Listed below are upcoming events that we are hosting.  To get further information and to book to attend any specific event, please click on the relevant button.

We have an extensive and high-quality events programme with some remarkable speakers and experts.  Please check back regularly as we are constantly adding events to the schedule. All our events are free to attend. Please share that you're attending on LinkedIn and don't forget to tag the Law Firm Marketing Club.

Webinars brought to you in collaboration with:

Upcoming Events: Summer/Autumn 2024

Wednesday 24th July 2pm

More profitable teams: How do we get there? with Alex Barr

Wednesday 25th September 2pm

Law firm leaders: A Q&A

Wednesday 9th October 2pm

Legal Directories with Clare Fanner

If you would like further details on membership or are interested on becoming a LFMC Member, please visit or contact

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