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What Clients Want - 2022. Sponsored by Moneypenny.

655 people from across the UK took part in the research and questions asked included:

  • What’s important to clients when choosing a law firm.

  • What clients expect to see online.

  • The emotions clients have at the start and end of a matter.

  • What clients expect when dealing with a law firm.

  • First impressions when contacting a law firm.

  • Value & Experience: How did law firms deliver to client’s expectations

This is the 3rd year we have conducted this research, which means we are able to compare the results and see the trends and themes arising.

There are some really interesting developments, including:

  • There is a growth in clients having ‘negative’ emotions at both the start and end of matters.

  • Less than 50% of law firms are making a brilliant or good first impression.

  • The generation gap is widening – ‘younger’ clients have increasingly different expectations to ‘older’ clients.

  • Different client types (personal or business) have varying requirements. This is a growing trend and varies by matter type and by age. 

  • Being able to meet in person ‘tops’ the list of requirements for clients when choosing their lawyer (but not for all age groups or client types).

  • Sustainability, and law firms approach to this, is starting to feature in client choice.

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Get the full report - £450+VAT

A comprehensive report is also available that provides detailed data and breakdowns plus insights and interpretations from Clare, inc. suggestions of things that firms should consider doing based on the findings.

The full report will be provided to all LFMC members as part of their membership.

If you are not a member of the LFMC you can purchase a copy of the full report for £450 plus VAT.

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Sponsored by Moneypenny

Thank you to Moneypenny for sponsoring the research and making it possible for the research to be as detailed, thorough, and comprehensive as it is.

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