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Do you know what your clients want and expect? What are you doing about it?

Last Thursday I shared the What Clients Want 2022 research findings via a webinar.

Doing detailed research takes a lot of time, effort, expertise, attention to detail, patience and coffee!

To illustrate:

  • July & August - compiled and refined the questions and approach, liaising closely with our WCW research sponsors Moneypenny (thank you!)

  • September - sought out our panel of respondents (we ended up with 655 participants).

  • September & October – conduct the research, refine the demographics to ensure the ‘final’ respondents ‘mix’ is representative (regions, ages, male:female, experience of using a law firm, business: personal clients etc.)

  • October & November – Analyse, interpret and segment the data and results.

  • November – Write up the report inc. interpretations of what it all means; share with LFMC partners and invite them to help interpret the data and findings; Start to design the report.

  • December – Refine the report, panic, refine some more (even on the morning that the results are being shared!) and deliver the findings coherently (I think) via a webinar. Build an online interactive dashboard so people can segment and look at the data in their own time. Add reports to website so people can download them.

  • December onwards – spread the word far and wide …

As you can see, there’s an awful LOT involved in delivering research that is this in depth, this detailed and this valuable. It’s literally taken me personally over 300 hours over the past few months. I think it’s fair to say my caffeine consumption has also gone up significantly in this time!

And this is just one of the reasons why I am so grateful for the support of Moneypenny as sponsor of this research. Yes, they have a vested interest in the research – some of it highlights how having outsourced support from businesses like Moneypenny can massively help. But also, without their support, I simply wouldn’t be able to dedicate the time to do this research because, like you, I need to earn £££’s to keep the roof above my head.

And this is research that is vitally important to the legal sector. Why?

Just take a look at the headlines and the questions they raise for law firms:

  • A MASSIVE and growing generational gap – under 30s want / expect different things to older clients – but are law firms geared up to / responding to this?

  • Sustainability is a growing ‘reason’ that clients are taking into account when selecting their law firm – but are law firms onto this?

  • 80% of clients have negative emotions when engaging law firms – but what are law firms doing to support clients (language, articles, reassurance, processes, right people etc.)

  • Clients want increased flexibility – but are law firms and lawyers adapting?

There is obviously a lot more data and information sitting behind these headlines and the questions they pose.

It highlights the importance of these topics and the urgent need for firms to have a plan to deal with these trends.

So please do at least 1 of the following 2 things:

  1. Download a copy of the What Clients Want 2022 Executive Summary; and/or

  2. Book me to run a workshop for your law firm. In 2.5/3 hours I will share these findings in an interactive workshop session that engages with those involved to identify ‘how you are doing’ against the What Clients Want criteria, and help you to identify both quick wins and longer-term things you can do to better meet clients’ needs. Feedback I’ve had from running these workshops is that it’s an invigorating, empowering and practical session that delivers value on the day and well beyond.

Get in touch with me to find out more.

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