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2022 Roundup & a look forward to 2023

Welcome to the last update of 2022 … it’s a quick roundup of the year plus a ‘heads up’ on what we have coming up in 2023.

To summarise the year in numbers, The Law Firm Marketing Club has delivered:

  • 27 high quality webinars, 95% rated them collectively as excellent or very good, on topics ranging from LinkedIn with Richard van der Blom and CRM: make better use of your data, to Legal Directories, Collaboration and a whole series of webinars on key topics around What Clients Want.

  • 1,072 people registered for our webinars from 182 firms from right across the UK.

  • 11 member only collaboration meetings took place where a HUGE amount of knowledge and tip sharing has taken place, plus a few expert guests who’ve run tailored sessions for members.

  • 2 IRL (In Real Life) Members summits have taken place. 24-hours, mix of marketing leads and managing partners from firms getting together, with LFMC partners, for off-site learning, sharing, networking and having fun. One in the Midlands and 1 as guest of Moneypenny in Wrexham (including a lovely horse drawn canal barge trip!)

  • Next one planned for 24th & 25th April 2023 in the Midlands.

  • 2 Unique pieces of research undertaken and delivered providing VITAL data for professional services firms:

  • What Clients Want 2022 (only released on 8th December); and

  • Professional Services Marketing Survey 2022. A BIG thank you to Moneypenny and Conscious Solutions for sponsoring these vital pieces of research … which we’ll be delivering again in 2023.

  • 2 x Market Research & Insights papers pulled together and shared with members. These basically pull together pertinent economic, client, sector and other research and reports together to inform and guide members. Each has a narrative providing insights and suggestions on what firms might do with the information e.g., refine strategy, do more of this than that etc.

  • We’ve also introduced a NEW podcast series … and already achieved nearly 600 downloads. A MASSIVE thank you to Sue Murphy & Helen Freeston from Paris Smith, Dawn Beschorner from WR Partners, Alison Mitchell from Forrester Boyd, Sarah Walker-Smith from Shakespeare Martineau, and advance thanks to Lewis Barr from Frettens and David Gilroy from Conscious Solutions for our early 2023 podcasts. Check them out here.

I think that’s a pretty healthy list!

So what’s coming up in 2023?

Well, basically, more of the same. We’re kicking things off In January with two very relevant events:

We obviously have much more planned, but I think this email has been long enough!

So, finally, thank you for your support in 2022, it means a lot to me that so many of you have attended and got engaged with the things we are doing at the LFMC. Thank you.

And that’s it from me this year. Have a lovely Christmas and New Year. I hope you all get the break you all undoubtedly need and deserve.

I look forward to seeing you in 2023.

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