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This week I want to talk to you about trends. As many of you know, I am passionate about the role that data, research and insights should play in your business – not just for your marketing, but for your wider business.

I firmly believe that being ‘informed’ enables us to make better choices, to plan more effectively and ultimately, to get better results. And the last few years have really highlighted the importance of keeping ourselves informed and up to date on things.

Some interesting trends that I’ve picked out to share with you are listed below, including links to enable you to explore some further. Most of them are highly relevant, some less so but fun and/or interesting!

  • Marketing trends: What Britons want from brands Apparently ‘we’ want brands to reassure and we expect marketing to get political.

  • 2023 UK consumer trends report Generational differences are everywhere, including positivity sentiment; Brits want to be told ‘everything’s’ going to be alright’ … they want reassuring messages from brands; under 40s ❤️ brand comms: they want to hear from us.

  • Workplace trends Workplace trends that all businesses need to be aware of include work flexibility, mental well-being in the workplace, diversity, equality & inclusion, that employees hold the winning cards and employee empowerment.

  • What law firm clients want 2022 This research is one of our own, sponsored by Moneypenny, the findings include such things as:

    • Less than 50% of law firms are making a brilliant or good first impression.

    • The generation gap is widening with ‘younger’ clients have increasingly different expectations to ‘older’ clients.

    • Sustainability, and law firms approach to this, is starting to feature in client choice.

  • Top 5 predictions for professional services in 2023 Less of a trend but still a useful read in terms of where things are heading for our sector. A refocus on profitability and margins alongside value-based offerings, more collaboration and coming to terms with the gig economy are just some of what we’re in store for.

  • 10 restaurant trends for 2023 Apparently gourmet kids menus, reducing menu options and flatbread will be a thing in 2023.

  • ChatGPT This is already having an impact, it’s an AI tool that is literally the talk of LinkedIn. On Thursday 19th January, David Gilroy from Conscious Solutions and I hosted a live demo and discussion covering some of its capabilities. Plus we explored, with input from our 100+ attendees, the implications, challenges and opportunities ahead. You can watch the webinar recording here:

Upcoming LFMC Webinars

To help you understand trends and what’s coming, our next few webinars will help you considerably, and in key and crucial areas: the economy, revenue generation, dealing with difficult customers and pricing and value - 4 vital topics for all professional services firms in 2023.

Our webinars are free to attend and open to all. Do join us if you can. Further details below plus links to book your place.

The Economy: Where are we now & what’s coming? An outlook for professional services firms - Wednesday 25th January @ 2pm

James Sproule, Chief Economist at Handelsbanken will offer insights into why the economy is where it is, what the biggest factors are that are influencing the outlook and hear his predictions on inflation, interest rates, house prices plus much more.

Revenue Generating Ideas for 2023 – Friday 27th January @ 9.30am

To help you hit the ground running in 2023 we’ve got the perfect session lined up for you – Revenue Generating Ideas for 2023 hosted by the LFMC Partners. This will also include the opportunity to network with other attendees.

Dealing with Difficult Customers – Wednesday 1st February @ 2pm

Clare Yates from CY Training Works will be looking into why people become difficult, effectively managing expectations, using the power of positive language, and achieving a win-win outcome

Pricing and Value – Wednesday 22nd February @ 2pm

Alex Barr from Third Bounce will be looking at pricing and value for us. Book here:

We do hope you will be able to join us at some or all of these events – and do share the details with your colleagues – you are all welcome.

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