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Post pandemic changes in consumer behaviour - have you adjusted your marketing strategy?

This week I want to share some thoughts and insights picked up from the research I’ve been investigating and sharing with the LFMC members recently. This one is a crucial topic for all firms – consumer behaviours post pandemic.

Post-pandemic changes in consumer behaviour are expected to have a bigger impact than the economic recession in terms of the marketing strategies that marketers adopt.

As per the graph, recent research from WARC, whose stated mission is to ‘put evidence at the heart of every marketing decision to help marketers navigate any challenge with confidence’, shows that 73% of respondents (marketers/business leaders) anticipate that post pandemic consumer behaviour will have the most significant impact on their marketing strategy.

Think about that?

Have you already ‘moved on’ to the recession and associated messages? If so, are you missing a trick?

Take a step back and think about how clients are behaving differently in the post-pandemic world.

They want, expect and act differently. Do you know how, where and why? Have you adapted? What are you doing about it?

Have you sat down and had the discussions in your firm about how you are going to adapt, evolve and show up for your clients?

Questions you need to be asking, include:

  • What do clients expect post-pandemic?

  • How has this changed?

  • What’s the same?

  • What/where do we need to adapt our services/products and service?

  • Are we handling initial enquiries into the firm appropriately (remembering that 74% of clients have ‘negative’ emotions at the initial point of contact - source: LFMC What Clients Want 2020)?

  • Do we understand the changes in clients’ expectations around communications from us?

  • Are we listening to our clients?

There are more things you need to think about … but this initial list should start to focus your mind.

If you haven’t already done so, grab a copy of our most recent What Clients Want research (based on in-depth research with 700+ law firm clients in 2021).

Vital insights to help you shape what you need to be thinking about and doing.

If you’d like a chat about it and help in conducting internal workshops – please get in touch.

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