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Is everyone at your law firm on the same page? The importance of shared values

Is everyone at your law firm on the same page?

Last week, the LFMC was treated to a captivating, chatty-style webinar featuring Lindsey Kidd, discussing HM3 Legal and its transformative values which have been instrumental to the firm's growth and success in recent years, while keeping the whole team in alignment.

Highlights included challenging traditional perceptions of lawyers and the firm's shared commitment to six new standards.

1. Wow Service: Delivering a distinct client experience.

2. No Chase Pledge: Proactively updating clients on matters.

3. Fixed Fees: Ensuring transparency and certainty for clients.

4. One Point of Contact: Managing client experience across different matters.

5. Plain English Promise: Communicating without legal jargon.

6. Service Level Guarantee: Allowing clients to deduct 10% if service expectations are unmet.

Throughout the conversation, HM3 emerged as a dynamic and forward-thinking law firm with a keen focus on innovation and client satisfaction.

Lindsey's insights revealed a unique business approach formed around the above values, that led to double-digit growth and profitability. The Net Promoter Score (NPS), an integral metric, soared to an impressive plus 79, surpassing tech industry giants such as Apple and Microsoft. This not only signified numerical success but also translated into a low cost of acquiring new matters.

Recruitment and retention strategies set HM3 apart, utilising bold branding to attract candidates and emphasising colleague listening, alongside the introduction of an 18-month training program to ensure a supportive environment, complemented by an enticing incentive scheme for successful referrals.

Amid the pandemic, the firm introduced Weekly 10, an employee engagement platform facilitating real-time check-ins and feedback. This innovative tool transforms business dynamics, enabling prompt course corrections.

HM3's client-centric approach, reflected in exceptional NPS, forms the bedrock of sustainable growth. The firm redefines success by aligning business goals with client satisfaction, reducing acquisition costs, and fostering a flourishing workplace.

A huge thanks to Lindsey for her time and valuable insights this week. For those for you who missed the session, it will soon be made available as a podcast which we are so looking forward to sharing with you.

In the meantime, we’d like to invite you to our next webinar Being Sustainable: A look at ESG and B-Corp with Gemma Graham which can be booked onto here.

Wishing you all a fabulous week.


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