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Are you looking for the 2021 What Clients Want Research? 
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What Clients Want - 2020 Research ...

We all understand the importance of asking people what they want rather than assuming.

Increasingly law firms are doing this with their clients. But are you asking your clients the right questions? 


Do you really understand:

  • What is important to your clients?

  • How they ‘feel’ when they contact you?

  • What communications they would like to receive from you?

  • What ‘extras’ would make them feel special?


Knowing the answers to these, and other questions, will help law firms:


  • Attract and win new clients and business

  • Secure more repeat instructions and referrals

  • Communicate more effectively with clients

  • Have more effective marketing communications

  • Increase your visibility with clients

  • Improve your feedback and online reviews

  • Improve your processes and systems to deliver better client service

  • Identify opportunities for improving the skills and know-how of your lawyers and people

  • Provide your lawyers and people with the tools and know-how to convert more opportunities thus giving them more job satisfaction


During the Summer & Autumn of 2020, we asked over 600 people from across the UK what they want, need and expect from a law firm. We also asked them how they ‘feel’ when dealing with a law firm.  


How will this research help you?


The findings will inform and guide you.  If you take on board the findings and recommendations you will secure more opportunities, clients and referrals and will deliver a more holistic service to your existing clients – resulting in more business.

Would you like to ask your clients what they want, need and expect from you? 

 Get in touch to find out about our clients listening and benchmarking package.

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