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Why cross selling matters. The (true) story of a perfect client.

A friend of mine is probably what most law firms would regard as a dream client. He’s rich and always in trouble! But yet his law firm failed him.

Over the last few years he's used pretty much most departments in a law firm – acquisitions, divorce, IP/trade-marks, litigation, commercial property, a few employee/HR related matters, he's a buy to let investor, the lot. If you were playing law firm top trumps… he’d be the winning card…

He asked an equity partner “I probably ought to look at updating my Will, do you think I should talk to someone?” The partner replied “Yes, that's fine. If you'd like to ring reception they’ll make an appointment for you”.

They were sat in the firms offices at the time. Literally across the corridor from the Wills & trusts team.

I suspect this happens more often than people realise – unconsciously creating barriers for clients. Without a conscious effort to create the plans, skills and processes that support cross selling, most firms will fail to give clients the value they need.

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