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Website migration horror story

The Conscious team shared with us the details of a website migration story which turned into somewhat of a nightmare! The team spent 4/5 months re-designing a website for a law firm with £15 million turnover. Just before the site was due to go live, the law firm decided to remove 1/3 of the websites content. Conscious advised against this decision as they could see that the pages were creating traffic to the website. A week later, it was reported that website traffic had dropped by 50%. The client was not tracking the number of leads and enquiries effectively from their website. They could tell that enquiries had dropped but couldn’t confirm the amount as there was no record of what was being received.

Top Tips so you don’t end up in a situation like this:

  • ensure you know which pages drive traffic to your website

  • beware of the 'long tail' effect with many pages each driving a small number of visits/views to you site

  • make sure you are tracking your enquiries

  • that way if you change something on your website you will know if there is a change/drop to traffic

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