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There's no 'i' in Collaboration

I was picked up for making this statement in the past – when someone (rightly) pointed out that there is an ‘i’ in the spelling of the word ‘collaboration’.

So this time I want to be clearer in my meaning around this statement – there is no ‘i’ in the meaning of the word as opposed to the spelling of the word. Collaboration is about working with others, being collegiate, being a team player and looking at how you can effectively work in a way that benefits all parties.

Collaboration comes in many forms, shapes and sizes, but done well it can be the ‘secret sauce’ that will help firms to succeed.

I am a firm believer in collaboration as a way for firms to get a competitive advantage and that effective collaboration is a tangible asset.

That’s why I was super keen to have a chat with two leading professional services marketers in the latest LFMC podcast which I am delighted to share with you.

In this podcast, I talk to Dawn Beschorner and Alison Mitchell who both have senior marketing roles for professional services firms and who also have significant roles as part of the UK200Group, the UK’s leading professional services group of independent quality assured chartered accountancy and law firms. Dawn & Alison discuss marketing and business development within professional services and the benefits of being part of a membership organisation.

We covered lots, including:

  • How many opportunities there are right now despite the challenging political and economic climate.

  • The importance of business planning in the current climate.

  • The role and reality of collaboration – basically giving them a distinct advantage.

  • “We see it as working together to help promote the many ways we can support clients and to make accountancy and legal services more accessible to all. Being a member gives us a huge encyclopedia at your fingertips.”

  • By collaborating we learn so much more, we can learn from others, we can save time when it comes to projects as we can call on the expertise of others. And a massive benefit is being able to have a ‘safe place’ to talk openly about challenges and opportunities. You really feel supported. You are not alone!

Dawn and Alison have between them many years’ experience of professional services marketing and the cyclical ups and downs of the economy and the right way to approach your marketing and business planning.

I highly recommend you grab a cuppa and a treat, or stick on your headphones and head out for a nice healthy 30-minute walk or workout and listen to the wisdom and insights that Dawn and Alison share so openly.

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