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The difference between hearing and listening is the action you take

Communication isn’t just about what you say, it is 50% speaking and 50% listening. Most programs about effective communication focus on speaking with influence and leading change by setting a compelling vision, yet over 93% of change initiatives fail. There is a missing ingredient – leaders who listen.

Through keynotes, workshops and organisational programs that leverage the Deep Listening research, you and your teams will have the tools for ongoing, sustained listening success.

  • Increase profitability by minimising duplicate costs and effort caused by confusion and conflict

  • Dramatically reduce project costs by asking the right questions upfront

  • Attract and retain employees by listening to what they have to say as well as the unsaid

  • Mitigate negative publicity in the media

  • Get ahead of the competition by serving customers better

  • Anticipate rather than react to the regulators in your industry

Our key takeaways on how to be a better listener.

  • Listening is the willingness to have your mind changed.

  • Listening is situational, relational, and contextual.

  • Your job as a listener is not to make sense of what the speaker is saying, but to what they are not. It's your job to help them say what they're thinking.

  • Use more graphical notes rather than verbatim, this allows you to connect the relationships with ideas which will provide you with greater recall.

  • In the West, most people are taught to listen for similarities in experiences and beliefs between themselves and the speaker; but a lot more can be learned by listening for differences.

  • The words ‘silent’ and ‘listen’ have the same letters!

  • The 5 Levels of Listening:

  • Focus on you and not the speaker

  • Content

  • Context

  • Listen to what is unsaid

  • Listen for meaning

Are you giving attention or are you paying attention? Neither is right or wrong; it’s what’s appropriate in the moment.

These notes were taken from a webinar which Oscar Trimboli delivered for us in October 2021.

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