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Spending money on legal adverts and not tracking leads when they come in

This scenario could also easily relate to paid Social media adverts, sponsorships or any activity you are working hard to spend money on but dropping the ball with by not reporting.

This specifically relates to a campaign created to generate leads around the personal injury/clinical negligence base.

The marketing team worked with website partners and a digital marketing agency on landing pages/copy and spending a decent chunk of money creating leads of a decent quality and quantity. Some which resulted in cases.

The lack of feedback received from lawyers handling cases meant there was no information on how the leads were progressing or which leads became cases.

As such, the campaign was switched off (temporarily paused). Without feedback on all leads, it wasn’t possible to pinpoint the effective points of the campaign.

When you’re a marketer you are responsible to provide facts/figures to partners so without feedback from the team there was no current justification for the spend.

Once feedback was received and the campaign resumed, the conversion rate for leads was more than doubled.

How did we do this?

  • Communication

  • Respond to all leads – but track them/report on them. Let marketers know key information including time of day effective leads come in.

  • Data – becomes powerful once you can prove success and demonstrate effectiveness to other teams

  • Once less time is spent chasing for feedback then more time can be focused on improving the campaign

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