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Research and Insights give firms a competitive advantage

Last week I put the finishing touches to the latest LFMC Marketing Research & Insights for members, a document which contains a brief overview and observations on 15 relevant and interesting pieces of research across 3 key areas:

  1. The legal sector;

  2. The wider market and economy; and

  3. Client and consumer trends and needs.

But why bother? What’s the point of having all this research at your fingertips?

Research gives you insights, it gives you answers, it tells you what has changed and what has stayed the same. In short – it informs you and, used wisely, can give you a competitive advantage.

The LFMC Market Research & Insights specifically helps firms:

  • Keep on top of latest trends in the legal and professional services sectors;

  • Understand the wider economic, commercial and market drivers;

  • To define their strategy and goals;

  • Amend and keep their business and marketing plans relevant;

  • To adapt marketing, BD and wider firm processes to be aligned to market opportunities, challenges and client needs;

  • Keep abreast of sector developments and trends generally; and

  • To stay ahead of the competition.

Below I have included one example of helpful research/data ... from the team at Marketing Charts. I highly recommend you subscribe to their newsletters. In this case they are sharing data about what makes a media story shareable ... vital insights if you are looking to get media coverage for your news/articles/stories.

You can checkout the chart and article in full here.

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