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Marketing in law firms is no longer about Yellow Pages. But what is it about?

The role of marketing in a law firm has always been challenging. I first came into the legal sector in 2007 and I have to admit it was a bit of a shock to my system. I came from a financial services background which had adopted digital marketing, was benefitting massively from marketing – lead generation, sales, bottom line, involved in strategy etc. It was an environment that empowered and valued the marketers in the business.

It wasn’t quite the same when I landed in my first law firm.

In 2007 the role of marketing in law firms was still in its infancy. Digital was certainly part of the mix, but more traditional marketing dominated. And the concept of having a dedicated marketer in the firm, as opposed to it being part of a partners’ remit was not widespread in regional firms. Yellow Pages still existed in its ‘doorstop’ format… and was part of many firms' marketing 'mix'!

Roll forward 16 years and much has changed, especially in the past few years with a pandemic, a war and a recession/economic downturn.

So, on this theme, I have three things to share with you:

Law Firm Leaders Q&A Webinar – Wednesday 22nd March @ 2pm

This Wednesday at 2pm I will be chatting to some law firm leaders to understand their challenges, opportunities and to get their take on the role of marketing.

It promises to be enlightening and will help marketers understand the pressures facing law firm leaders whilst also getting clear insights into the ways that law firm leaders and marketers can work collaboratively for the good of their firms.

Please do join me if you are able. You can book here:

Podcast: The importance of online marketing, stuff and things with David Gilroy

I am delighted to share with you our latest podcast. This one is me chatting with David Gilroy from Conscious Solutions about Online marketing, stuff and things.

In this 40-minute episode David covers a variety of areas including:

  • Social media platforms – what’s hot and what’s not

  • Video marketing in 2023 and beyond

  • AI

  • How much you should be spending on your website

  • And how us marketers have a tendency to get bored of our marketing before the markets gets bored of it!

It’s a podcast so super convenient for you to listen where and when you like – at your desk, in the car, on a walk, in the gym … you choose. You can listen here:

Professional Services Marketing Survey 2023 Webinar – Wednesday 19th April @ 2pm

Next month we’ll be sharing the findings from our Professional Services Marketing Survey 2023 which has been sponsored by Conscious Solutions.

I would like to thank the 114 of you that have taken part. Over the next few weeks we will review, analyse and compare the data.

Join me and David Gilroy on Wednesday 19th April at 2pm when we will share the findings. You can book here:

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