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Marketing in a modern law firm permeates all parts of the business

Over the past few months, it’s been my absolute pleasure to chat to a few of the sectors leading lights in the world of marketing and leadership for our podcast series.

Most recently I chatted with Lewis Barr, the Marketing & Commercial Director at Frettens Solicitors based on the South Coast.

We chatted so much that I’ve ended up with 2 x podcasts to share with you!

Lewis is one of the ‘new breed’ of legal marketers – he has come from outside the sector and has come into a small but massively progressive and forward thinking firm with a remit to support the broader commercial objectives of the firm.

For me this is where marketers should sit – bang in the middle of strategic and commercial planning and implementation.

Who else ‘gets’ what clients want, where to find them and how best to market to them? Who better to join this up with the broader market in which firms operate? And who else has the know-how and skills to manage, report and influence the marketing to ensure it supports the strategy?

Enough about my views … take a moment to hear from Lewis.

In part 1, we talk about the commercial impact of Lewis’ role plus internal comms.

So grab a cuppa and have a listen – at your desk, on a walk, in a car, whilst working out – you choose!

I’ll share part 2 with you next week!

Thank you Lewis, it was a real pleasure to talk to you and hear all about the exciting things you and Frettens are doing.

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