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Lessons from across the pond by Steve Fretzin

In this session Steve highlighted top tips from the US legal marketing including what BD works for US lawyers.

In US terminology, Steve defines marketing and Business Development (BD) in the following way:

  • Marketing – covers website, Social Media, newsletter, email marketing – anything you are putting out to the masses that helps brand yourself.

  • BD (Sales) – covers networking, attending conferences, talking to clients about referrals, cross marketing (selling)

Steve is focused on teaching Business Development specifically how to invest time in a wise intelligent way with process, meaning and thought and how to follow through. Although not focused on marketing, he does teach LinkedIn and other soft skills which help with prospecting for a business.

If you do both marketing and BD then Steve believes this will offer better opportunities for you. If you do both badly then things won’t go well for you and if you focus on one then it will be a much tougher road.


Steve looks for ambitious attorneys who want to succeed. And develops the following with them:

The three P’s:

  • Plan – every lawyer who is interested in being successful with BD should create a plan to identify how to succeed

  • Process – everything that is a struggle within BD there is a process to do it better

  • Performance improvement – to help coach, Steve will hear a story where someone has ‘failed’ with an opportunity then talks them through how it’s not a failure, it’s a learning opportunity.

These notes were taken from a webinar which Steve Fretzin delivered for us in May 2022.

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