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Coming of Age: Legal Inbound Marketing Report from Moneypenny

34 years since it was first permitted, it’s only now that legal marketing is really beginning to grow up.

In an online world driven by technology, more law firms than ever before are paying close attention to their marketing resource. Today, 60% of firms have a dedicated marketing manager or team. While 97% of firms are committed to trying new technology in a bid to further their growth.

But despite the legal sector waking up to the importance of marketing, 90% of firms still admit to being too busy to handle new enquiries properly. In a fiercely competitive market - this is simply not good enough!

It’s time for firms to reevaluate how and where they are spending their budget in order to survive.

In Moneypenny’s latest report, we explore what role marketing has to play in modern-day firms and explore how law firms are doing their marketing and managing new enquiries. Plus we uncover some key learnings to help share eye-opening insight on what your firm can do to implement smarter processes and generate more leads.

Visit Moneypenny's website to download the free report today.

About Moneypenny

As the UK’s #1 outsourced communications provider, Moneypenny support over 1,000 law firms - including 65 of the Top 200 - to capture more opportunities and deliver scalable growth through their tailored legal answering services.

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