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Getting Partner Buy in & Digital ... Views from a leading law firm marketer

Last week I shared the link with you for part 1 of my podcast with Lewis Barr, the Marketing & Commercial Director at Frettens Solicitors based on the South Coast.

This week it is my pleasure to share part 2 with you and in this episode Lewis talks about getting partner buy in and digital marketing … two vital topics that I know most firms are constantly wrangling with.

Lewis has achieved some fabulous results with Frettens, using his digital and commercial background and I think there is much for us all to learn from what he and they are doing.

So thank you Lewis for being so open and sharing!

Some of what Lewis covers includes:

  • The importance of measuring things – both looking backwards but also forwards.

  • Measuring everything provides robust data to help partners get on board.

  • How the pandemic saw marketing accelerate 10 years in just 10 months!

  • And much more

Thank you again Lewis – some fabulous points and great to hear such enthusiasm!

Next up in the podcast series I’ll be chatting to David Gilroy of Conscious Solutions and orange fame.

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