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BRILLIANT resources I want to share with you

One of the things that I provide to LFMC members is loads of resources and research. Some of it is our own home grown and produced stuff (after 30 years in marketing you tend to have a load of templates, guides and checklists that are tried and tested!) But some of what I share is other peoples stuff – research, top tips etc. Now, to get ALL the good stuff we share - remember I’m investing my time in finding, vetting and then sharing the stuff I believe will help you – you have to be a member of the LFMC (soz, not soz!)

But there’s no reason why I can’t share with you some of the brilliant people and resources I’m coming across in my research. So I’m including some people that I recommend you connect with on LinkedIn and sign up to their newsletters. I’m VERY fussy about who I recommend, so I’ve only included people and one resource that provide literally BRILLIANT insights and resources that will help you.

Basically, these are people and resources that I REALLY rate.

So here’s 5 people/resources to help YOU:

  1. Harry from Marketing Examples: Great copywriting is a skill. Harry has that skill in abundance and shares lots of top tips and examples. He has a very helpful website plus sends out regular tips and ideas via his newsletter. From how to create great headlines and landing pages, to what makes good copy that people will act on, Harry has this and so much more covered.

  2. Joe at the Marketing Meet Up: I don’t think there is a nicer, kinder, more humble or genuine and bloomin great marketing person out there … Joe heads up Marketing Meet Up … they run helpful webinars and share resources, writes ups and much more. Do sign up, do attend some of their webinars. You won’t regret it.

  3. Richard van der Blom: For all things to do with LinkedIn, look no further than Richard. He is the guru on how LinkedIn works. He provides insights on the algorithm AND explains (in plain English … quite a feat for a Dutch man living in Spain!) how to use LinkedIn to your advantage e.g., profile, posts, when & how things work, do’s, don’ts etc.

  4. Jeremy Nicholas: Jeremy is a ‘keynote tickler’ … he helps people with public speaking, finessing presentations and much more. He sends out a weekly newsletter which contains lots of hints and tips and links to interesting, helpful and funny stuff. He’s also funny. Highly recommend you sign up to get his newsletter.

  5. Chartr: The last one is a resource rather than a person. Data storytelling. ... Data-driven insights into business, tech, entertainment and society. Their visual weekly newsletter takes 5 minutes to read and is free. The data and charts they share are sometimes random but often very insightful and helpful for us to understand broader consumer, business, economic, world and other trends.

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