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Being productive in a short work month

Welcome to the first of a few short working weeks this month. Whilst the Bank Holidays are lovely to extend our weekends and give us more time to spend with family and friends, it makes for a hectic work month. Good luck!

And with this in mind I thought I’d share 3 helpful efficiency and productivity related articles/tools with you:

  1. I have to start with AI and in this case, a ChatGPT prompt post on LinkedIn. With thanks to Karen Clarkson from Parker Bullen for sharing this particular link. It’s a fab post on LinkedIn that shares 10 powerful prompts to accelerate your learning (and results) on ChatGPT. Read the post here.

  2. Canva – again! I’ve mentioned this before, and I make no apologies for mentioning it again. It is such a brilliant tool and has features being developed all the time. Did you know it can create a presentation for you, branded? It has developed its AI tools including an AI image generator (using just a text description), AI photo editor (remove blemishes and improve lighting), generate text and blog pots, AI design assistant and AI powered templates. Oh, and you can create pretty decent, brand consistent, designs without any design experience. I just wish this had existed when I worked in house – it would have saved me so much time and so many £££’s!

  3. Evernote. I haven’t shared this one with you before but it’s one of my staples. I use it to capture and store interesting articles, PDFs, research, links to blogs etc. It’s simply a brilliant tool. In my case I use it to pull together a resource for LFMC members twice a year – most recently I used it to create a 28-page document with links to 35 fabulous resources inc. a summary. It’s powerful, check it out.

Webinar: Bloody Lawyers to Bloody Brilliant Lawyers - Wednesday 17th May @ 2pm And before I go … our next webinar is on Wednesday 17th May @ 2pm when I’ll be chatting to Lindsey Kidd from HM3 Legal. HM3 are a 65 year old firm with a refreshingly modern approach. With 6 new standards and much more to talk about Lindsey will share her ambition to change a clients perception from Bloody Lawyers to Bloody Brilliant Lawyers. Please do join us.

Have a great (short) week. I’ll be in touch next week (another short week)!

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