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5 REALLY helpful pieces of research

Last week I had the pleasure of our monthly LFMC members collaboration get together. This is when law firm members join me for up to 90 minutes on a Zoom call and chat about what’s going on in their world, asking questions of each other and sharing how they go about things, top tips etc. Inevitably we cover a huge amount, and inevitably there are a few laughs alongside the learnings.

Last week, one of the members made reference to “using research in anger” with his partners. He didn’t mean literally in anger, he meant to help him get across key points and to positively influence decision making to ensure it was aligned to market and client needs and trends.

It reminded me that I haven’t banged my ‘research should be at the core of your approach’ drum for a little while … so here I go, banging my drum.

A wise business coach once told me that the way to win hearts and minds and influence decision making was to use third party data, research and the such like.

It’s a very simple but clear concept: data led discussions make for clearer conversations and decision making. You either go with the data, or you don’t. If you don’t, at least you’ve had the discussion and taken it into account in arriving at your decision. If you do, you have a reference point for why you have made that decision.

And the power of being able to say “it’s not my opinion/me … it’s actually the research … our clients saying this” cannot be underestimated.

Many a law firm leader, partner and lawyer has been ‘persuaded’ by me taking this approach. And of course, it’s me being a very responsible marketer – I’m giving people the information and the ‘proof’ to help them make informed decisions.

We’re all winners!

Having banged my drum, here are links to 5 REALLY helpful resources/pieces of research to help you. Enjoy!

  1. Marketing Trends 2023: What Britons want from Brands – TechRound

  2. Moneypenny Customer Communications Global Trends Report 2022

  3. Top 21 Examples of Differentiation for Professional Services Firms – Hinge Marketing

  4. Wheel Chart of 150+ emotion-triggering words you can use in your copy

  5. The Ultimate ChatGPT Guide

Now if you’re a LFMC member firm, next month you’ll get even more research shared with you together with suggestions on steps you can take based on the research. I’ll include the above 5 … plus at least another 30 resources!

If you’re not a LFMC member yet – why not? It’s just £1,200 plus VAT pa for the whole firm. Just get in touch to find out more.

No webinars this week and indeed until after the Easter break … we’re busy analysing the findings from the recently conducted Professional Services Marketing Survey 2023 in collaboration with Conscious Solutions.

This is more research and data that I’ll be sharing with you, together with David Gilroy on Wednesday 19th April at 2pm. You can book your place at the webinar here:

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