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What do YOUR clients want?

It’s that time of year again where we will shortly be sharing our annual LFMC What Clients Want research findings.

You can book your place now to attend our webinar when all will be revealed on Wednesday 6th December at 2pm.

I’ll be joined by Bernadette Bennett from Moneypenny, who has kindly sponsored the research and made it possible.

As this is the fourth year we’ve undertaken the research, we are able to look at the emerging trends and changes in clients wants, needs and expectations over the years.

The research explores the following areas in depth:

  • Client’s experience of using law firms.

  • Onboarding experience.

  • Factors influencing how clients select a law firm.

  • What first impressions law firms are creating.

  • How well law firms are delivering to expectations.

  • What clients expect when dealing with a law firm.

  • How important sustainability is to clients when choosing a firm.

I don’t want to give too much away in advance of the big ‘reveal’ on 6th December, but a couple of themes that are emerging are:

  • Among those who had used a law firm more than once, 59% stuck with the same firm. Which means 41% didn’t.

  • Only 53% of law firms are making brilliant or good first impressions.

  • Clients are having mixed experiences when calling law firms. A big issue for many clients is the difficulty in getting through to lawyers on the phone.

  • There is a significant generational gap evident in digital channel experiences.

  • Differing expectations among different age groups with 66% of under 30s expecting law firms to be active on social media compared to just 18% of over 60s.

  • Sustainability and law firms approach to this is growing in importance in clients approach to selecting their law firm.

Plus much more. We’ll explore this is detail at the webinar and consider and share the steps that firms should take based on these findings.

Want a copy of the full What Clients Want 2023 Report?

The full What Clients Want 2023 report, packed with data, insights and recommendations will be shared with LFMC members (all 50+ pages of it!) from 6th December.

If you’re not a member and would like a copy you have two choices – become a member (currently £1,200 plus VAT for 12 months) or buy a copy of the report for £450 plus VAT (£600 plus VAT after 13th December).

Please note that LFMC annual membership will be increasing for new members to £1,500 plus VAT from 1st January (existing members rate of £1,200 will remain the same for 2024). Contact for more details.

For now, I highly recommend you book your place to join me at the launch of the What Clients Want Research 2023 findings on 6th December at 2pm.

Richard van der Blom LinkedIn webinar: Date change

We had planned a Richard van der Blom LinkedIn webinar on Wednesday 22nd November – this webinar has been rescheduled to Thursday 25th January 2024 at 2pm. If you have already booked your place – please note this change of date.

If you haven’t booked your place yet, you can book here.

Next week I will share some Richard van der Blom ‘gold’ so you can still get your ‘fix’ of his brilliant LinkedIn insights, pointers and suggestions.

What would you like in 2024?

Finally – we’re planning our 2024 webinar and podcast programme – if there are specific topics or speakers you would like us to include, please get in touch.

That’s it for this week – have a good one and hopefully see you soon.

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