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Top 10 tips to help grow your law firm’s online presence with Google My Business and Google Reviews

In case you haven’t heard reviews are all the rage. How often have you made a purchase decision because of the reviews of a product or service?

Studies show that 54% of consumers visit a local business’ website after reading a positive review. * And, the benefits don’t stop there it also helps your local SEO rankings, builds your online reputation and credibility, helps increase your website enquiries and can make your law firm stand out from the competition.

Here are my top 10 tips on why a law firm should use Google My Business and Google Reviews to its advantage.

  1. Before a customer can add a Google Review you need to make sure you have claimed or created a Google My Business (GMB) profile. GMB is essential for Local SEO as it enables your business listing to appear in local search results for queries specific to your law firm’s services.

  2. If you already have GMB ensure you have a 100% complete listing. This includes adding a “Short Name” option something Google introduced last year (meaning your 100% complete listing may be no longer but only 85% complete! Incomplete listings do not perform as well in a Google search and must always be completed to perform to the full potential.

  3. Potential customers looking for your services not only look for positive reviews but also want to see the firm is current, trustworthy and active. So, make sure you post new content and photos regularly.

  4. Don’t ignore questions via Google My Business and make sure you are answering all questions within 24 hours.

  5. When customers search your business name not only do they see your business profile, but they can quickly access your reviews. So, encourage your customers to leave reviews by reminding them. Some examples might include asking a client when their matter is complete, adding Google Reviews to your marketing communications, asking when a conversation is concluded over the phone and advertising Google Reviews in the reception area of your offices.

  6. Google Reviews provide transparency and social proof. One way to enhance this is to have Google Reviews embedded on your website. As customers can't verify the legitimacy of a review if you're the one controlling the content as Google Reviews come directly from the people who wrote them. So, by adding Google Reviews to your website provides visitors with the quickest way to gain accurate information to help them form an opinion about you.

  7. Always respond to a Review with 24 hours whether it is positive or negative. Ensure the reviewer knows it’s a real person behind your reply.

  8. Respond to positive Reviews by thanking them for something specific “Thanks for leaving a review. We are delighted the team we were able to help you with a quick and responsive service to your house purchase. All the best in your new home”.

  9. Always respond to negative reviews by acknowledging the customer’s concerns. “Thank you we are grateful for your feedback. Customer service is very important to us and we would like to discuss this further with you. Please contact [add contact name], email address and phone number”.

  10. And most importantly Google My Business and Google Reviews can help with your Local SEO strategy and drive rankings for local search results.

If you would like further help with Google My Business or to have Google Reviews added to your website please get in touch email or call 0117 325 0200.

*, December 2019, Local Consumer Review Survey

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