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Perfect lawyers and first impressions? Have you cracked it?

This week I want to talk to you about two different, but related topics...

Firstly, the first impression you are making with a client, and secondly about what makes ‘the perfect lawyer.'

First impressions

Law firms have one opportunity to make the right first impression on a client. And yet so many of us, even knowing this, get it wrong.

In our latest podcast, 'The Power of First Impressions in Client Relationships,' Clare Yates talks to us about the intricate terrain of client care in the legal and property spheres.

Clare, a former estate agent turned legal professional, delves into communication challenges between law firms and estate agents, championing streamlined processes and communication. Clare shares and makes many good points, often in a humorous and always in a memorable way.

Clare spotlights collaboration benefits, strategic team selection, and the urgency of estate planning. Clare also advocates for holistic client care, customer service training for law students, and addresses gaps in complaint handling.

Tune in for dynamic insights and practical advice

The perfect lawyer

Last week, we hosted a webinar with Simon McCrum who shared his insights and pointers on what makes the perfect lawyer, the name of a new book he has written on this topic.

Simon was a lawyer and Managing Partner for 10 years at the UK’s fastest growing law firm. Now he is a management consultant empowering law firms.

What did we learn?

· Prioritise Adaptability: Simon's journey underscores the need for law firms to be adaptable in a dynamic environment. Make adaptability a cornerstone of your approach, recognising turning points and adjusting strategies.

· Build a Unique Legal Brand: Identify and emphasise unique differentiators for your legal business. Stand out in the crowded legal field by converting inquiries effectively and executing legal services precisely. Select clients selectively to enhance the distinctiveness of your practice.

· Excel in Quality, Not Quantity: In marketing, Simon advises taking on fewer cases but excelling in them. Pride in your work, discerning case selection, risk understanding, and timely payment are crucial. Focus on quality over quantity to build a reputation for excellence.

· Financial Health Matters: Simon highlights the financial aspects of a law firm, emphasising effective time recording, prudent billing, and debtor management. Prioritise financial health to avoid undermining the stability of your firm. Unpaid bills can be detrimental, so manage your finances wisely.

· Embrace a Holistic Approach: Amid challenges, Simon calls for a paradigm shift in the legal profession. Embrace collaboration, adaptability, and a holistic approach. Depart from conventions, recognising the evolving legal landscape. Simon's advice serves as a roadmap for navigating change and aspiring to create the perfect legal business.

The recording of 'The Perfect Lawyer' is available to LFMC members on the Member's section of our website (& to our webinar partner UK200Group members on the Knowledge Hub).

One of the benefits of being a member is that you'll have access to any webinar recording you might have missed or just want to rewatch and share with your team.

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