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10 learnings from Richard van der Blom's LinkedIn webinar

LinkedIn stands tall as the frontrunner of social media platforms for forging connections, nurturing relationships, and showcasing expertise for legal sector professionals. However, many users find themselves adrift, unsure of how to effectively harness its potential.

The Law Firm Marketing Club was recently treated to a webinar with expert Richard van der Blom, who helped to demystify the art of LinkedIn engagement, drawing insights and unveiling strategies for success.

Here are ten learnings I jotted down during the session...

  1. Increase engagement: The cornerstone of LinkedIn prowess lies in engagement. By leaving insightful comments on posts, individuals can exponentially boost profile views and incoming invites. Engaging with content not only demonstrates expertise but also captures attention within the platform's bustling ecosystem.

  2. Utilise questions: Engaging with questions filters out authors willing to communicate, paving the way for valuable connections and potential lead generation opportunities. This simple yet effective tactic serves as a gateway to unlocking the true networking potential of LinkedIn.

  3. Tagging and referrals: A subtle yet powerful manoeuvre, tagging relevant individuals in comments and referring them to pertinent posts can sow the seeds of collaboration and networking. Harnessing the power of association, users can expand their digital footprint and foster meaningful connections.

  4. Length of comments: Size does matter. Comments exceeding 15 words wield double the impact, positioning the commenter as thoughtful and engaged. In a world inundated with fleeting interactions, substance is considered and rewarded by the algorithm.

  5. Consider your timing: While scheduling posts is permissible, embracing spontaneity can amplify visibility and reach. Engaging live and immediately before and after posting fosters a dynamic presence on the platform, ensuring maximum impact.

  6. Verification process: Despite its virtues, LinkedIn's verification process has drawn its fair share of criticism. Van der Blom's frustrations echo the sentiments of many, questioning the efficacy of passport verification and the true benefits of verified profiles. Richard advised he would not be uploading his own password details for verification at this time - food for thought.

  7. Increase in profile views: The power of consistency manifests in leaving 10 insightful comments per day for one month, yielding a remarkable 60% increase in profile views and incoming invites. A testament to the adage of "actions speak louder than words."

  8. Consistency over frequency: While posting frequency may vary, maintaining consistency in activity on LinkedIn is crucial to train the algorithm and engage the audience regularly.

  9. Authenticity is paramount: Base opinions on facts and dare to give genuine opinions to establish trust and credibility.

  10. Collaborative articles: If you have expertise to share, there's definitely scope to build your profile by adding your perspectives to collaborative articles. Categorised by topics like marketing, they offer users a platform to showcase know-how and earn badges based on engagement.

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