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Resilience and the Importance of Mental Health

Nick Bailey

October 2021

Resilience and the Importance of Mental Health

In this raw and real conversation, Clare Fanner spoke to Nick Bailey. On 4th March 2018 Nick became contaminated with the nerve agent Novichok when he attended the home of former Russian spy, Sergei Skripal.

Nick spoke about the impact that a shock like his Novichok poisoning can have on a person’s psychological health, overcoming adversity and the resilience needed to pick up and move forward, as well as the importance of mental wellbeing.

He also discussed leadership, not only from his own experiences as a Police Officer but from the positive and empathetic leadership shown by his own chain of command towards him and his family in the aftermath of the Salisbury poisonings.

About Nick Bailey

Nick Bailey is a former Police Officer. Nick was propelled into the public consciousness during the infamous Salisbury Poisoning event in 2018 that saw the former Russian KGB officer Sergei Skipral and his daughter Yulia, attacked with the nerve agent, Novichok. Nick was inadvertently contaminated with the nerve agent when he touched the door handle of the Skripal’s home. Not only did Nick have to fight for his life in intensive care, but he and his family lost their home and all their possessions, due to Novichok contamination.

A dedicated Police Officer for 18 years, Nick decided to leave the Police after deciding that it wasn’t possible for him to continue in the same role that had exposed him to such a traumatic event – an event that no other Police Officer had been through. Nick has talked of the “emotional battering” and psychological impact that the event had on him.

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