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Stephanie Richardson

Stephanie Richardson

Marketing Manager

Clifton Ingram



As a sole marketeer in a full-service law firm with offices in Wokingham, Farnham and Reading my role as Marketing Manager covers the full spectrum of marketing leadership as well as operational activity with a remit that includes everything from developing strategies through to running events and coordinating branded items as well as, of course, absolutely everything in between. Our Business Development Manager role is filled by a consultant who works the equivalent of 4 days per month, so the majority of business development activity also falls to me or is widely considered to fall to marketing.

Company Bio

Clifton Ingram is a busy and friendly firm and a great place to work. I see the Law Firm Marketing Club as a great place to network with peers and get to know others that are doing a similar role – and I’m always up for sharing or learning something new!

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