Would you like to benchmark your own clients against our findings – and use this as an opportunity to engage with your clients to find out what they want?
Our template packages detailed below can help you with this.

  1. What Client Want Templates Package - £500 plus VAT
    We provide you with the templates – the survey structure, communications to send to clients to invite them to participate, a guide to help you run the process inc. a checklist and a 1-hour consultation with Clare Fanner to go over everything. You would then run the exercise yourself.

  2. What Client Want Benchmarking Package - £1,500 plus VAT
    We would set everything up and run it for you inc. benchmarking the results against our data, reporting back via Zoom/Teams to you/your team.

  3. What Client Want Benchmarking PLUS Workshop - £2,750 plus VAT
    Everything detailed in option 2 PLUS a tailored workshop with you/your partners running through the key learnings and specifically facilitating roundtable discussions (e.g., break them into groups) to discuss the key areas, findings, what things your firm could/should do based on the findings. You will leave with a tailored action plan for your firm and highly engaged partners!

Starting with a What Clients Want project will benefit you in several ways, most importantly it provides you with the opportunity to:


  • Show clients you care, e.g., not just asking about how you did, but asking them what’s important to them

  • Giving you a reason to re-engage with and communicate with a range of your clients (don’t limit who you decide to involve in this project)

  • You will generate new opportunities through this project e.g., clients instructing you

  • Engage your partners/key stakeholders.

    • Help them to understand what clients want and what is important to them (don’t assume)

    • Benchmark your clients against the wider client data we hold (are your clients ‘the same’?)

    • Elevate the topic within your firm e.g., having a clear understanding of clients wants and needs and staying connected with them

    • Highlight and agree areas where your firm could/should make changes (and indeed affirm current processes/approaches where this is supported)

    • Get ahead of the game in terms of anticipating future needs and areas to work on e.g., do you have a strategy for the younger generation who clearly have different wants than the older generation?

  • Etc.  There is much to be gained from running this exercise.

Please contact Clare Fanner for more information.

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