What do YOUR clients really want, need and expect? Why not ask your clients?


Would you like to benchmark your own clients against these findings – and use this as an opportunity to engage with existing clients to find out what they want?


Ask your clients what they want, need and expect from you.


For up to 100 clients* we will conduct the What Clients Want Research using our existing survey template. 


  • We will collate the responses and produce a summary report of the findings plus our observations and recommendations.

  • We will present the findings to you via a video call.

  • We will benchmark your results against our data.

  • You can ask up to 3 additional questions of your own choice *

  • All your results will be kept confidential and only shared with you.

  • We do not need or get access to any of your client’s personal data. We provide you with a link plus messaging to help you communicate with and invite clients to participate.


Experience shows that conducting this exercise will result in your law firm receiving new instructions and referrals as well as helping you to improve your relationship with clients.


* If you wish to ask more than 100 clients or want to ask more than 3 additional questions this can be undertaken for an additional fee.  Please contact us with your requirements for further details.


Annual and monthly members receive a 20% discount.