Article Writing Template

Article Writing Template

Content is vital for all law firms. And yet creating content can sometimes be challenging.  Helping lawyers know what to write about and how to construct articles, materials and wording that will resonate with their target clients is key. 


This helpful template provides valuable pointers and guidance and is structured in an easy to use format that will guide anyone looking to write an article, a presentation or other content. 


Including the following elements, this is a must have resource for firms:

  • How to construct a catchy title
  • Getting clarity on who your article is for
  • Examples of ways to word your content to ensure it resonates with your target audience
  • How to write an introduction that will capture attention
  • Making sure you have key information and facts included (key to your audience as opposed to 'just' information you want to write about!)
  • Making sure your article explains clearly why the topic is important, how it affects people and what steps they can take
  • Calls to action e.g. what they need to do, how you can help


Following this template, your lawyers will find it much easier to write content that is compelling and will help you attract clients and new work.


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