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Why should law firms join the Law Firm Marketing Club?

I’m Sophia, the Community Manager, and I’m learning from and working alongside LFMC founder and former law firm marketing director Clare Fanner. Together, we are continuing to deliver helpful resources, webinars, and networking opportunities while fostering a collaborative environment for members.

What is the Law Firm Marketing Club?

The LFMC is a community of law firms looking to ‘do’ better marketing. This may be to get more clients, earn more fees, and improve know-how and skills, or it may be to share and collaborate with other law firms across the UK.

Back in 2020, Clare identified the imperative need to provide law firms with a one-stop shop with access to invaluable resources, insights, and collaborative opportunities for law firms. As a result, the Law Firm Marketing Club remains to be a supportive environment where law firms work together to solve problems, generate ideas, and learn as a community.

What does becoming a member of the Law Firm Marketing Club look like?

If we do say so ourselves, the Law Firm Marketing Club membership brings a host of benefits aimed at nurturing law firms' marketing endeavours.

Law Firm Marketing Club members have access to…

1. Collaboration meetings every month: Each month there is a 1.5-hour Zoom call in which members form their own agenda and discuss pertinent marketing topics and issues they’re experiencing. This is held according to ‘Chatham House’ style and confidentiality is respected. I.e. What happens on the call, stays on the call! Members are able to view follow-up notes from these meetings via a private members only section of the website.

2. Networking opportunities with other members: Beyond virtual gatherings, the LFMC fosters a space for law firms to engage in open discussions. Netwalking and in-person meet-ups happen several times a year so everyone can get to know each other and have a natter.

3. Informative webinars: We listen to our members and organise keynote speakers that appeal to their interests and challenges in their respective firms. Examples of speakers include LinkedIn guru Richard van der Blom and intergenerational working expert Henry Rose Lee. View our Autumn Programme and register for events here.

4. Professional services and client research: The LFMC's commitment to evidence-based decision-making is reflected in its research initiatives. The annual 'What Clients Want' survey delves into the preferences and expectations of clients, providing law firms with valuable insights to align their services accordingly. Complementing this, the regular Legal Sector Market Outlook Report keeps members informed about the latest industry trends and forecasts.

All LFMC research is included with membership, including copies of previous years’ which is beneficial when it comes to reflecting on and monitoring legal sector trends regarding both clients’ needs and the professional services arena. Find out more on the website.

5. Members-only summit: Going beyond standard events, the LFMC's Members-only Summit is a curated experience that blends collaboration sessions with strategic workshops with speakers and activities organised by myself and Clare. Our 2023 summit will be on the 20-21 November 2023 at Ardencote.

6. Online members’ area: The LFMC's online members area is a comprehensive resource hub where law firms access supplementary materials, collaboration meeting notes, guides, checklists, and a membership directory. The marketing resources and webinar recordings have a combined value of over £2,000.

7. Input from LFMC’s trusted partners: Collaborating with trusted partners, the LFMC amplifies its impact. These partnerships offer law firms comprehensive support across various marketing facets, ensuring a holistic approach.

How much does it cost to become a LFMC member?

You can join the LFMC for just £1,500 plus VAT for 12 months of membership. We’re also offering a 3-month trial for £300 with the option to extend this should you wish to remain a member thereafter. This provides you and your whole firm with access to all the benefits detailed above. Please email to enquire about LFMC membership.

If you're not ready to become a member yet but want to get a feel for what we're about and hear our latest news, then you can subscribe to be added to our database to receive regular emails, invitations to events and updates. This costs nothing.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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