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Why & How professional services firms can use podcasts

Podcasts continue to grow in popularity and present a great opportunity for professional services firms to engage with their clients, referrers and wider community. It’s also a great platform to share content. And it’s not as hard as you may think!

  • With over 15 million podcast listeners in the UK and a 19%growth in podcast listeners over the last 12 months, podcasts should be seriously considered to be part of your marketing mix.

  • You don’t need specialist equipment ... but make sure the sound quality and content are good.

  • Podcasting is probably not as difficult as you think it is and there are several sources of information out there and it’s not expensive to get started.

  • If you are thinking about starting a podcast, just get on and do it - now is a great time as the market isn’t yet saturated.

These notes were taken from a webinar that Liz Drury delivered for us in September 2021.

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