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What is your law firm's biggest CRM challenge?

In June, I created a poll on LinkedIn asking: 'What is your law firm's biggest challenge surrounding CRM usage?'

Of those who responded...

· 68% said getting everyone to use it.

· 12% said it didn't do what was required.

· 20% didn't have a CRM.

Why should law firms use a CRM system?

A law firm is a machine with several constantly moving parts. As you’ll know, staying organised and up to date with what's happening in each department is an ongoing challenge.

Even at its most basic, a CRM system is a tool to help you manage your interactions with both leads and current clients and will:

· Improve the client experience

· Take advantage of cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

· Reduce the burden on your busy fee-earners

· Maximise the fee earning potential of your entire team

How can we encourage law firm employees to use the CRM system in place?

This requires addressing the challenges posed by user resistance or unfamiliarity. How do you overcome this?

It is essential to emphasise the system's benefits while minimising the burden of extra admin, which – let’s be honest – no fee earner will want to take on. By frequently emphasising the benefits of having a joined-up approach, great data to work with, and better leads, religious use of the CRM can become a part of a firm’s DNA.

A few ideas...

· Implement a weekly overview report which facilitates data cleanliness and encourages internal communication. By incorporating gamification elements, such as BD league tables, emails can be automatically generated to recognise and incentivise business development efforts, fostering healthy competition within departments.

· Integrating BD records into end-of-year appraisals further underscores the CRM's significance in performance evaluation.

· Conduct short, customised 15-minute training sessions as these are instrumental in familiarising lawyers with the system's valuable features and supporting their daily tasks can help to drive widespread CRM adoption across the firm.

Looking for a CRM recommendation?

If you’re looking for advice on which CRM to invest in, we can advise. Feel free to email me and we can chat through some of the CRM systems Conscious Solutions clients are finding valuable.

If you'd like a copy of our CRM Webinar with Simon McNidder from earleir this year, please email and we can arrange this for £50+VAT for those who aren't members of the LFMC. Members can view the recording in the Members' section of our website.

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