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What is the Law Firm Marketing Club all about?

Working within a small in-house marketing team or as a solo marketing function can often feel like a solitary endeavour, lacking the pace and vibrancy that a bigger team brings. The need for a supportive environment that fosters ongoing growth and development becomes particularly pronounced in such settings.

This is where the Law Firm Marketing Club (LFMC) steps in as a transformative force, making a profound and enduring impact on the skills and professional journey of those dedicated to law firm marketing.

Helen Freeston, a Marketing Director with almost two decades of experience at Paris Smith LLP, attests to LFMC's unique value, “I am a Marketing Director who has worked in professional services for nearly 20 years and during that time I have been part of many networking and business clubs. The LFMC has been the best. Highly recommend.”

So, what is the LFMC all about?

Monthly collaborative sessions

The monthly collaborative sessions within LFMC serve as a vibrant hub where law firm marketing professionals come together to share challenges and valuable insights. This collective wisdom becomes a guiding force, not only shaping personal growth but also directly impacting the professional journey of teams. The benefit is twofold – a repository of diverse experiences to draw upon and a network of peers for ongoing support and collaboration.

Diverse membership and learning

LFMC's diverse membership, encompassing law firms of varying sizes, creates a dynamic learning environment. For law firm marketing teams, this means exposure to a varying strategies and approaches. Engaging with industry peers, including managing partners, through webinars and podcasts becomes a cornerstone for staying abreast of the ever-evolving legal marketing landscape. The benefit lies in the varied perspectives that contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of effective marketing strategies.

Shaping learning journeys

What truly sets LFMC apart is the active involvement of its members in shaping their learning journey. For law firm marketing professionals, this means having a direct say in webinar topics and expert choices. This tailored approach ensures that the learning experience is not only relevant but specifically addresses the challenges faced within law firm marketing. The benefit is a customised and impactful learning journey that directly translates to enhanced skills within the team.

Members-only Summit

Moving beyond routine networking events, the LFMC Members-only Summit transforms into a strategic workshop. For law firm marketing teams, this offers a unique platform to refine strategic thinking and leadership skills. The summit becomes an essential aspect of professional development, providing tangible benefits for teams seeking to navigate the intricacies of marketing within the legal sector.

Exclusive research empowering law firm decision-making

LFMC's commitment to providing exclusive research, such as "What Clients Want" and the Legal Sector Market Outlook Report, becomes a valuable asset for law firm marketing teams. The insights gained empower teams with a deep understanding of industry trends, offering a strategic advantage in decision-making. The benefit lies not just in information but in the practical application of these insights to refine marketing strategies.

What do our members have to say about the LFMC's research?

  • "Always 'on topic' and weighty with decent stats and thoughtful commentary"

  • "Great research which smaller firms don't have the resources to undertake themselves."

  • "Helpful to have to support proposals to SMT."

  • "It is valuable research and useful for sharing widely within our firm."

Networking opportunities and relationship-building skills

Networking within LFMC extends beyond expanding professional circles. For law firm marketing professionals, interactions in events and roundtable discussions contribute significantly to the development of interpersonal and relationship-building skills. The benefit is twofold – a widened professional network and honed skills crucial for effective collaboration and client relations.

Exclusive member area as a resource hub (worth over £1500)

The exclusive member area on the LFMC website becomes a vital resource hub for law firm marketing professionals. Guides, checklists, and a membership directory serve as tangible tools for skill enhancement. The benefit is a direct impact on the day-to-day activities of law firm marketing teams, offering practical resources to enhance their effectiveness.

Collaborations with external partners for holistic growth

The Law Firm Marketing Club is delighted to have a small number of trusted partners and experts providing insights, resources and other tools of value to members.

The LFMC Partners are as follows:

Moneypenny: Moneypenny is the UK’s number 1 answering service, supporting over 1,000 law firms including 70 of the Top 200.

Clare Yates: Clare is a freelance trainer and business consultant with extensive experience in the residential property industry.

Alex Barr, Third Bounce: They know what good looks like in professional services – they've done the research, proven the numbers, and fixed the problems. They help fee-earning firms earn better fees.

Collaborations with external partners bring an added dimension to LFMC membership, extending benefits beyond the marketing sphere. For law firm marketing teams, this holistic approach creates opportunities for well-rounded growth, encompassing areas such as technology, legal trends, and business development.

For a 12-month membership, you can join the LFMC for only £1,200 plus VAT. This grants you and your entire firm access to all the benefits outlined above.

We're currently offering a 3-month trial at £300 + VAT, allowing you to experience the perks before committing to the full 12-month membership. If you're interested in discussing this further, feel free to reach out to us to schedule a call.

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