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Two Beers and a Puppy

This week I want to talk about the importance of understanding and developing the strength and depth of relationships, and I’m going to talk about puppies and beer to do it!

Less than 2-weeks ago my gorgeous puppy Jack (black lab) turned 1 year old. I posted about it on LinkedIn and shared the lessons I’d learned from him. You can check out my post here (and a VERY cute photo of Jack!).

Jack’s birthday reminded me of a ‘test’ I’d come across called ‘Two beers and a puppy”. It’s a fabulous concept that I want to share with you…

Ross McCammon is the creator of the "Two Beers and a Puppy" test, an exercise which is a powerful tool for evaluating the depth and trustworthiness of our relationships.

The concept involves asking yourself two questions about a person in your life: "Would I want to have two beers with this person?" and "Would I trust them to look after my puppy over a weekend?"

The answers to these questions reflect the level of connection and trust we have with individuals. Some people might be "two beers and a puppy," indicating that we enjoy spending time with them and trust them wholeheartedly. Others might be "no beers and a puppy" or "two beers and no puppy," suggesting varying degrees of enjoyment or trust. The metaphorical nature of the test allows for customisation, such as "two puppies and a beer."

In a business environment, the "Two beers and a puppy" test offers valuable insights. It emphasises the importance of fostering genuine connections and trust among colleagues and clients. By prioritising relationships built on mutual enjoyment and trust, we create a supportive network that enhances collaboration, creativity, and overall success.

Investing in relationships that go beyond surface-level interactions can lead to stronger teamwork, increased loyalty, and a positive work culture. While not every relationship will score high marks initially, the test encourages us to consider investing in nurturing those connections, as they may hold untapped potential.

As Ross McCammon's viral concept continues to resonate with many, it serves as a reminder to surround ourselves with people we genuinely enjoy spending time with and trust. In a business context, this translates to cultivating meaningful relationships that contribute to our personal and professional growth. Check it out for yourself in the image above and on this link.

It’s a bit of fun but quite a nice way to work out where your relationships are ‘at’. And it’s a nice reminder of one of the reasons I set up the Law Firm Marketing Club – to create a community of law firm marketers that support and enjoy each other, and to develop mutually beneficial relationships, with fun and trust at their core.

Finally, as August nears an end and thoughts start turning to the Autumn and planning your marketing for the rest of 2023 and 2024 I’m delighted to share our Autumn programme with you. We’re covering key topics including LinkedIn, ESG, new look law firms, legal directories, what clients want and much more. We also have the next members Summit in November, it's only for members, but you could become a member to benefit from this 2-day strategic event.

Get in touch to find out more.

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