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The Professional Services marketing Survey is LIVE.


Sophia here. 

I've got a little (big) favour to ask of you. 

I'm asking for 15 minutes of your time to fill out the Professional services Marketing Survey 2024.

What marketing works for law and accountancy firms in the UK


That’s what we are going to find out with the annual LFMC Professional Services Marketing Survey.

It’s the 4th year we’ve conducted this research.

I would like to invite you to participate in this survey, the largest of its kind in the sector in the UK.

We will share the full report and findings with those who take part in April when the results are published.

What can you expect to gain from the survey findings?

1.    Gain valuable insights into emerging trends shaping the UK legal sector.

2.     Understand where firms are allocating their resources and efforts.

3.    Identify key areas of growth and potential obstacles faced by firms.

4.     Assess how firms have fared over the past 12 months and their outlook for the future.

The insights gleaned from this survey can be instrumental in shaping your firm's marketing and business development strategies. Here's how you can leverage the findings.

·       Benchmarking: Compare your firm's approach and investment in marketing against industry standards.

·       Strategy development: Utilise the data to refine and optimise your firm's marketing and business development initiatives.

·       Informed decision-making: Make well-informed choices that align with your firm's objectives.

As mentioned, as a token of our appreciation for your participation, every firm involved will receive a complimentary copy of the final report.

Go on... Pretty please?


Fill out the survey here:

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