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Tell us: How can the Law Firm Marketing Club add value in 2024?

Happy Friday!

With Christmas and the new year looming, Clare and I are finalising our plan for 2024 and we'd love to hear what topics you'd like the Law Firm Marketing Club to cover in our upcoming webinars.

In this year's webinars, we've learned to deal with difficult customers and how to navigate your way around CRM systems.

We've been inspired by law firm leaders and learned how they've built their own roads to success.

We've discovered ways in which we can become more sustainable, and - most recently - shared our What Clients Want data with you. (That reminds me, email me for the What Clients Want Summary or to purchase the full 58-page version.)

At the LFMC, we genuinely rely on your suggestions and feedback to ensure that we're adding the maximum value possible for law firms and so, I'd love it if you'd get in touch with any suggestions or pain points we might help to provide content and inspiration for as part of next year's plan of action.

My email address is and (for those of you who don't know me), I'm the Community Manager here at the LFMC.

I'll look forward to hearing how we can add value in 2024!

Follow the Law Firm Marketing Club & feel free to connect with me for law firm marketing tips and all the latest regarding what's on at the LFMC.

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