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Rising Temperatures, Rising Stakes: Law Firms' Role in a Warming World

Good morning

I’m back after a lovely, if a little warm, break in Corfu. We returned literally 24-hours before Rhodes and then Corfu hit the national news due to the wild-fires.

The year-on-year average temperature in Europe has been progressively increasing over the past decade, reflecting the broader global trend of climate change. In 2018, Europe experienced one of its three highest temperatures on record. It's worth noting that Europe's ten warmest years have all occurred since 2007, highlighting the rapid pace of warming.

Law firms, like all businesses, have a role to play in addressing global warming. This is not only an ethical responsibility, but also a business imperative.

Firstly, clients are increasingly concerned about environmental issues. They want to work with firms that share their values and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability. Law firms that fail to address climate change risk damaging their reputation and losing business.

Secondly, as the impacts of climate change become more severe, they will increase legal risks and liabilities for many businesses. Law firms need to understand these risks so they can advise their clients effectively.

This is such an important topic that we have a webinar dedicated to it. On Wednesday 4th November at 2pm Gemma Graham from Robson Laidler will talk about ESG, Net Zero, Sustainability, and B-Corp: The Future of Business. You can book your free place here.

Have you started creating podcasts yet?

Podcasts have surged in popularity in the UK, with 25% of people regularly tuning in. This medium provides a unique opportunity for law firms to expand their reach and establish themselves as thought leaders.

We have just released our own podcast on this very topic … it includes 10 top tips for law firms looking to start a podcast include sharing their expertise, prioritising convenience for listeners, balancing informative content with entertaining storytelling, addressing common legal issues, showcasing expertise, fostering connections through natural conversations, incorporating diverse perspectives, embracing a conversational approach, designating a host or producer, and maximising promotion efforts.

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