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Richard van der Blom Gold

Last week I promised that I would share some Richard van der Blom LinkedIn Gold with you.

We had planned to run a webinar with Richard in November, as we have for the past two years, but the webinar has moved to January (book your place here). So in the meantime, I thought it would be helpful to fulfil your Richard van der Blom ‘fix’ with a few gems and pointers from Richard himself.

Firstly, who is Richard?

In my view Richard is one of the leading LinkedIn gurus out there. He helps people to get more out of LinkedIn through down to earth, practical tips and advice. He also shares details of how LinkedIn works, based on his own in-depth research, plus updates on changes to the LinkedIn algorithm, a regular occurrence.

In short, if you are using LinkedIn ,follow Richard and learn from him how to use LinkedIn effectively. Following his tips will save you time and improve the results you get.

Richard van der Blom Gold

So here’s some RvdB gold to keep you going until our Richard vdB webinar on Thursday 25th January:

  1. Want to win more clients using LinkedIn post. This post gives you 4 quick pointers under the headings Aim for the eyes, Get into their head, Make their tummy hurt and Earn a spot in their heart. Some really quick, easy and simple pointers on how to use LI and how to approach the content you write.

  2. Richards’ tips on leveraging LI for business growth. 8 tips. It’s all about not overcomplicating things and getting the basics right.

  3. A 1-minute video share on Employee Branding and sharing personal stories on LI

  4. The Ultimate LinkedIn Cheat Sheet. I’ve shared this one before and make no apologies for sharing it again. In 1-page you have some key reminders. I have a copy on my desktop as a reminder.

  5. Richard’s 5 ‘secrets’ for growth on LinkedIn. Richard has grown his followers from 24,000 in March 2021 to 149,000 in November 2023. Now most of us mere mortals aren’t playing in his ‘league’ … but as growing your network and reach is part of the challenge, knowing what Richard has done to achieve this explosive growth is helpful to us all.

There’s much more Richard vdB gold to be found … simply follow Richard on LinkedIn and come to our webinar on Thursday 25th January.

In the meantime, Richard launched a content package for $49 last Monday … +75 carousels, +20 checklists & infographics and insights. Visit his profile on LI to find out more and to get a copy.

Finally, don't forget to book your place at our What Clients Want 2023 Research webinar on Wednesday 6th December at 2pm where I will be joined by Bernadette Bennett from Moneypenny who sponsored the research. We'll share the in-depth findings from the 4th year of running this research.

That’s it for this week – have a good one.

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