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Professional Services Marketing Survey with Conscious Solutions

I/We need your help with this year's LFMC Professional Services Marketing Survey. With your participation, we can get a pulse on the sector.

Last year, nearly 💯 firms got involved - a mix of law and accountancy firms - and the results were super helpful in shaping their marketing and business development plans. With more firms taking part, the data will be even more helpful and will provide you with an informed picture of what other firms are doing and how they see things shaping up. I'd love to get more than 100 firms taking part - it feels like a personal challenge - please help me out!

Don't worry, taking the survey won't take much of your time. Plus, you'll get to see ALL the results and what they mean for the UK legal and accountancy sectors.

A big shoutout to Conscious Solutions for sponsoring this research and the report. Without their support, this wouldn't be happening. So please let's show them some love ❤️ by getting as many of you involved as possible.

What do you say? Ready to make a difference and be part of shaping the future of our sector?

By the way, there’s a quick reminder of the findings in 2022 below …

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