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Podcasts are listened to by over 19 million Britons

This Friday (30th September) sees ‘International Podcast Day’. Now, I don’t ordinarily celebrate all the ‘international’ days as there are quite frankly loads and most are not relevant to me or my world.

But this one is relevant to me … and I hope to you. For two main reasons:

  1. Today is the day that the LFMC shares with you our first ever, specifically planned and recorded, podcast. Sure, we have converted a few of our webinars into podcasts in the past, but this podcast – which is the first in what will be a regular thing - was specifically created to be a podcast and just a podcast. And

  2. Because the numbers don’t lie:

    1. Over 19.1 million people listen to podcasts.

    2. Britons listen to podcasts 40% more now compared to before the Covid-19 pandemic.

    3. 48% of Britons listen to podcasts to learn something new.

Podcasts are increasingly a format favoured by, possibly preferred by, many people. It’s a format that lends itself to easy ‘consumption’ – anytime, anyplace, anywhere – in the car, on a walk, whilst exercising, when sitting at your desk etc.

And this is why YOU should be thinking about producing your own podcasts.

Last year we ran a webinar on podcasts (the irony!) with the wonderful Liz Drury who has a very successful podcast of her own. She shared lots of practical pointers to help people get started. You can watch the podcast webinar here.

In the meantime, in our first dedicated podcast I was joined by Helen Freeston and Sue Murphy from Paris Smith to talk all about professional services marketing and BD in a post pandemic world.

Please do have a listen – Helen and Sue – who have over 50 years professional services BD and marketing experience between them shared a huge amount.

Later this year I’ll be chatting to other guests from the world of professional services … I will share more information in the coming weeks.

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