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Linkedin with Richard van der Blom - Thursday 24th November at 2pm

With massive thanks to Conscious Solutions who are sponsoring this speaker, this Thursday I have the wonderful Richard van der Blom as a guest presenting his latest evidence-based research, findings and insights into how Linkedin REALLY works.

Think algorithm’s, think do I or don’t I include a link in my post, how can I get the greatest reach for my posts, how can I grow my network, what should I be posting and in what format, what time should I post and much much more.

I don’t want to give away all of his findings but here’s a couple of teasers that Richard himself has shared:

  1. About Section, Headline, and descriptions are no longer indexed by LinkedIn’s Search Engines, basically meaning that your current job role is 90% responsible for being found on keywords.

  2. #CreatorMode accelerates the Growth of your Reach if you meet 3 Conditions (to be continued).

  3. Newsletters are already on their return with both reach and engagement.

  4. The ideal Post has 30% less text (characters) compared to 2021.

  5. Don’t tag more than 15 people or companies, because everyone who doesn't react will harm your reach.

  6. Compared to 2021, #CompanyPages have less reach ❎, but more engagement ✅

  7. Clicks on “see more” in your post, provide you with more additional reach than a “like”.

  8. “Shares” yield much better results than last year, but only for the original author.

  9. Adding an explicit CTA (like asking for comments) does not harm your reach, opposite of what #LinkedIn claimed in their recent (April/May) "Debunk the Myths" blog series.

  10. “Recommend Content or “Notify Employees” is not reliable for internal ambassadorship (!) #EmployeeAdvocacy

Join me and Richard on Thursday at 2pm to get more insights, more tips and a full copy of his report.

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