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LFMC Professional Services Marketing Survey

The Law Firm Marketing Clubs Professional Services Marketing Survey is now live. We are asking professional services firms to take part and share their insights and experiences.

Firms and their leaders have had to constantly adapt and change well thought through plans, whilst revisiting business targets, goals, priorities, activities, budgets and a myriad of other factors.

The survey seeks to understand some of the highbrow issues that professional services firms have had to face in 2021 with regard to their marketing and business development. It also seeks to understand their expectations for 2022.

The survey is specifically designed to provide a clear insight into the current marketplace without posing questions that may be considered to be invasive or commercially sensitive.

With this being the second year we have conducted the survey, we will be able to compare trends and responses. We are inviting both law firms and accountancy firms to participate this year so we can provide a view of the broader professional services sector. The results will be provided on a combined, as well as broken down, basis to provide maximum insights for professional services firms.

The findings should prove to be of keen interest to all respondents, but will be particularly useful for managing partners and the operational, financial, strategic, sales and marketing & business development leaders in firms.

The information gathered will help firms to:

  • Understand what trends exist in UK legal and accountancy marketing;

  • Benchmark your firm's approach to, and investment in, marketing and business development;

  • Understand the activities that are working for law and accountancy firms across the UK;

  • Shape your approach to marketing and business development; and

  • Provide reliable data to inform and educate your choices.

If you have concerns about sharing confidential data, I can assure you that all responses will remain anonymous.

The more firms who participate will provide a more accurate reflection on the data making the data we share more reliable.

Click here to participate:

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