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Jackie Carter: A Force for Good

The Law Firm Marketing Club Podcast was created in the hope that LFMC members, industry friends, and other legal professionals would benefit from the musings and insights of sector peers as they share pearls of wisdom and career learnings in short, digestible episodes with our host Clare Fanner.

By tuning in, listeners are given the opportunity to learn directly from fellow legal marketers who have successfully navigated the challenges and complexities of the sector. Through engaging discussions and drawing on real-life experiences, our podcast provides a platform for sharing strategies, best practices, and innovative ideas that can be applied to drive growth and success within law firms.

In the latest thought-provoking podcast, Jackie Carter's insights shed light on the power of client centricity and building strong relationships. Genuine care and empathy for clients form the foundation of successful interactions, as demonstrated by her quote, "People don't care about what you do for them, they just want to know that you care about them."

Jackie emphasises that client centricity should be a collective endeavour, involving every individual within a law firm – not just fee-earners. By fostering a positive work culture that prioritises employee happiness and authenticity, firms can deliver exceptional client service. What's not to love?

Jackie also touched on how she manages her time for maximum results. Practical strategies, such as distinguishing between time management and retention management and focusing on single tasks, contribute to enhanced productivity and client satisfaction. The implementation of frameworks and toolkits can ensure consistent service delivery to clients worldwide, creating a positive and reliable experience every time.

Jackie's journey highlights the importance of personal growth, making a difference, and building strong relationships. Her commitment to mentoring and assisting others showcases the lasting impact of kindness and support and it was a joy to speak with her about her non-linear career trajectory and experiences that have culminated in her becoming a 'force for good.'

You can listen to Jackie's podcast here, and if you'd like to appear on our podcast, please do get in touch via email ( or LinkedIn message.

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