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Is your firm ready for the next generation?

I'm Sophia, the Community Manager at the Law Firm Marketing Club, and I've got some insights to share. As a 28-year-old who's required legal services a few times, I resonated with the upcoming LFMC "What Clients Want" report, which is due to be published on the 6th December.

The legal landscape is shifting, posing a challenge for law firms: Are you ready to tweak your marketing strategy to connect with the under-30 demographic?

First impressions matter, and the stats reveal a mixed bag. While 53% of firms nail the initial impression, a substantial 47% of clients express dissatisfaction, often due to a misalignment in communication channels. For the under-30s, digital interactions, particularly through social media, are key, with 59% reporting a positive first impression. This starkly contrasts with the 12% of clients over 60 sharing a similar sentiment.

Efficiency and professionalism remain vital for positive experiences, while communication challenges, like difficulty reaching the firm by phone, can lead to negatives. Beyond the first encounter, the generational gap continues to influence how clients prefer to engage with law firms.

The research also highlights the rising concern about ESG among the under-30s. While 39% consider a law firm's sustainability approach important, 31% sit on the fence, and another 31% deem it not crucial. Here's the kicker: 55% of those under 30 prioritise sustainability, compared to a mere 17% deeming it unimportant. Neglecting the significance of sustainability is unwise, and proactive communication about your efforts is imperative.

In a profession where trust and communication are pillars, bridging the generation gap is pivotal for sustained success. Understanding the diverse needs of different age groups, especially those under 30, as outlined in "What Clients Want," will contribute to the resilience and growth of law firms as younger generations become key players in legal decisions.

If you’re not a member and would like a copy you have two choices – become a member (currently £1,200 plus VAT for 12 months) or buy a copy of the report for £450 plus VAT.

Join us at our upcoming webinar on the 6th December at 2pm in which we'll be sharing the findings. Register here.

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